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Projects - As A leader

Threeamisu Extended

This quartet consists of four young professionals of the Swiss jazz scene. They come from Bern, Basel and Israel.
They are constantly refining their interplay and looking for new inspiration. The different composing styles of the members add up to a diversified program that tells an honest and thrilling story.
Follow this link to watch a teaser of the band.

Max Treutner (ts), Silvan Joray (g), Nadav Erlich (b), Felix Wolf (dr)

Teaser Video - Threeamisu Extended


The quintet of Max Treutner named "MAX-IT!" is made up of  five young and playful musicians based in  Bern, Basel,  and Berlin. With Silvan Joray (guitar), Julius Windisch (piano), Ilya Alabuzhev (bass) and Michael Cina (drums), Max Treutner brings  longtime friends together to an exciting musical formation.
Brand new compositions provide a basis for a pulsating, always interacting structure.
Follow this link to hear some recordings of the band.

Max Treutner (sax), Silvan Joray (g), Julius Windisch (p), Ilya Alabuzhev (b), Michael Cina (dr)


The 2016 in Bern (CH) formed Trio „Threeamisu" consisting of Max Treutner (ts) Oz Yehiely (b) and Felix Wolf (dr), puts its focus on the interactive playing without harmony instrument. As neither guitar or piano is in the band, a lot of space and freedom is created  which is used  joyfully  to communicate and react to each other. The three friends met first at the state university of Bern and are also playing together in different other groups.
Follow this link to hear the latest recordings.

Max Treutner (ts), Oz Yechiely (b), Felix Wolf (dr) 

Threeamisu - Allein Daheim

As a sideman

Nolan Quinn Quintet

Der Trompeter Nolan Quinn beschwört auf seinem neuen Album eine zeitlose Vergangenheit und lässt in seinem Schaffen ein ausgeprägtes melodisches Flair erkennen. «Moanin’», «Wailin’», «Cookin’» und jetzt eben «Soothin’». Der Titel ist Programm.

Nolan Quinn (tp), Max Treutner (ts), Oliver Illi (p), 
Simon Quinn (b),  Giacomo Reggiani (dr)

Nolan Quinn Quintet - The Other Duke

Bodo Maier Jazz Quintet

Powerful, swinging, modern jazz that pays homage to the 50s and 60s with original compositions à la Jazz Messengers, Freddie Hubbard, Woody Shaw, etc. The trumpet player Bodo Maier leads his quintet with an intensely swinging vibe he learned from growing up on Louis Armstrong & His All Stars. Using this vibe and his fresh original compositions, he skillfully bridges the gap of jazz tradition to modern day.
In addition to extroverted energetic moments, he also gives insight into the introverted, melancholic world of the trumpet with fascinating ballads.
The music is influenced and enriched by the different nationalities of the musicians that Bodo Maier has gotten to know during his career. His last EP was recorded in London, with musicians from England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Australia and one can expect a varied program that takes the listener on an inspiring and uplifting journey.
Ein Hörbeispiel ist unter folgendem Link zu finden: 

Bodo Maier (tp, flg), Max Treutner (ts), Matthieu Trovato (p), 
Nadav Erlich (b),  Florian Haas (dr)

Bodo Maier Jazz Quintet - Teaser

Clara Vetter Trio feat. Max Treutner

Clara Vetter (p), Max Treutner (ts), Jakob Obleser (b), Lucas Klein (dr)

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